About Us

We are Orchid Plantation Community focused on orchid growing, educating members on orchid growing & application benefits, as well as sharing information about the orchid culture. The love for orchids is our hobby, and new members are always welcome during our meetings and forums that are usually published on the news section of our website. During the events, we usually have different speakers that give educational speeches on subjects touching the farming practice of orchids.orchid papua

We also advise on various issues including selection of the best inputs for setting up orchid greenhouses, orchid watering, orchid heating, and orchid maintenance. Our members and guests are given insights about the available orchid species, and how each can be cultivated depending on climatic, soil, and topographic conditions of an area. Since we cultivate almost all types of orchid plant species, we sell the suitable hybrids that have been developed in our biotechnology center to both members and guests throughout the year.