Automatic Plant Watering Systems & Ro-Systems

Automatic Plant Watering SystemsGardens surrounding homes have been in and out of fashion since the early days of Romans and Greeks. Those are the same people who discovered specific plants from the outdoor and brought them to be houseplants and private grounds within their homesteads. We, the Orchid Plantation Community, love making the coexistence of humanity and plants possible. And that’s why we engage people into embracing planting of orchids around their homes.

If you trace the lifestyle of the Victorians, you will notice that those people had conserved palms, and their old age years would not be the same without spider and fern plants within their living areas. Nowadays, things are not different because flowering houseplants have become a necessity rather than things of décor. Technically, style should always come after good health. Plants are a source of good health to humanity given their roles in purifying air, adding welcoming odors, as well as beautifying your living environment.

However, everything that has advantages has its own disadvantages. Of course, everyone wants to be surrounded by plants, but the maintenance of these essential worldly possessions can be a challenging task. During summer seasons, they need watering to survive the scorching solar. When you are planning a vacation trip and your priorities are not too much in watering the plants, you might return to find all have dried up. I know that is the last thing you would ever want to see. Additionally, those are living things that deserve clean and nutrients rich water.

softened water for wateringTherefore, softened water or reverse osmosis water can be an ultimate solution in that situation. Since many people will prefer automatic watering systems for convenience purposes, water softener or RO water system can be connected to a watering system accordingly. No hassle because experts are there to help you.

Popular Types of Automatic Watering Systems

There are outdoor and indoor watering systems, and therefore you can choose based on your needs.

Outdoor Watering Systems

Timers are commonly used nowadays because they can be set up in a way that your plants will never be under watered or over watered. They can be integrated with an irrigation system – sprinkler system, hose, or drip system – and then scheduled to conserve water. One of the best timers is the electric hose model which is attached to a water spigot and connected to a hose. When you choose frequency and length of the watering, you can program that to the timer.

Soaker hoses are also ideal for watering your plants since they are economical, and will keep your plants stress-free from under watering or over watering. A hose can as well be buried so that they are invisible as their work is to water directly into the soil and evaporation will not be an issue. Again, the problem of mold or mildew forming around the plants will be eliminated.

Indoor Watering Systems

Even though there are a number of indoor plant watering systems, the most popular is the plant watering globes and spikes. It uses the capillary action principle to water your plants because water is stored in the globe.

Drip watering system is another option that will keep your mind at peace because you don’t need to remember watering your plants every time. Interestingly, there are no pots to fill or refill water because the drip can be run to those pots and then a timer is set.

Alright, now you want the plants to use your softened water or RO water.

Types of Water Softener systems

There are three basic types of water softener to choose from. None electric water softener is powered by the pressure of the incoming water and therefore easy to install and no energy bills.  If you have a model with double tanks, you will rest assured of a constant supply of soft water for your orchids.

However, you can opt to use a time clock or metered water softener system if you want to remain economical. These options regenerate after a pre-set amount of water has been used no matter the period taken. Your plants will never be under or over watered depending on the irrigation water demand.

Can I use Any Type Of Ro-System For Home?


Under counter RO system
If you have some plants in the kitchen, an under counter RO system can be an ideal choice. It is installed along the kitchen tap so that it can draw water easily. If you visit the kitchen occasionally, install a timer watering system to take care of your plants.

Commercial RO systemUnder counter RO system

These systems are best for commercial buildings where there is a high demand for clean water. Due to the high PSI pressure, you will get pure clean water for drinking and for watering your plants.

Residential RO system

They come in two options; Triacetate and TFC models. The Triacetate is used where chlorinated water is required while TFC is used where non-chlorinated water is needed. You can choose according to your plant’s needs.

As much as you want your plants to stay happy, remember that they deserve minerals. Rainwater contains the ideal PH for all plants, and thus quite essential for your plants. In short, don’t let your plants depend on softened water or RO water too heavily.

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