The Incredible Benefits of a Cozy Office Full of Plants!

cosy officeThe interior of modern offices is defined by the essential things rather than the decors on the walls. Nowadays, it is a matter of keeping healthy and wellness for every office worker. People have discovered that working for more than 6 hours in the office is a major cause of stress, depression, and lost moods. Of course, you must work in order to cater for bills and lead a good life.

If you have been in and out of new offices, you may have seen potted plants placed on countertops or hanged around the space. Some offices have several globes with different plants, and probably you might have wondered why they have so many houseplants. As stated by OfficeChairsReviews, as much as you need an ergonomic office chair to prevent frequent backaches, so too are office plants to improve your well-being while at work.

modern office chairs

Even though modern office chairs are beautifully designed, they are mainly meant for comfort and healthy purposes. Those office plants are grown in those pots to add some elegance in the working environment but mainly meant to improve the occupant’s health in one way or the other. There are a wide variety of benefits of living around plants, including the following;

  1. Increased oxygen level

If you work from home office, probably you extend working time until late at night. This is the time when plants around your outdoor gardens are utilizing oxygen and release carbon dioxide. However, some indoor plants like orchids take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night. So, apart from the décor in your office, these plants also supply more oxygen to boost your comfort.

  1. Increased humidity level

When working at daytime during the summer season, the warm weather may distress you and reduce your work performance. Some people also develop certain respiratory sufferings due to inhaling some dry air. If you have indoor plants in your office, they will respire and add more moisture to the indoor air. This will reduce the risk of experiencing skin dryness, sore throats, and coughs.

indoor plants

  1. Air purification

For the offices located in the urban centers, pollutants such as carbon dioxide contaminate the air. Carbon dioxide is released in high amounts and can cause respiratory problems when inhaled in excess. The small amounts entering your office space is consumed by the plants, leaving the room’s air clean and healthy.

  1. Increased concentration and focus

Office workers are typically busy professionals with lots of projects to tackle on daily basis. Working in an office with plenty of plants improves your focus and concentration. Plant scents have specific aromas that offer a natural mental healing, hence increasing the brain capabilities to stay fresh even after long working hours.

In addition to health and aesthetic benefits of indoor plants, always keep in mind the need for comfortable office chairs. These are specifically designed chairs for office use to prevent ailments caused by long time sitting or poor sitting posture. So, here are the benefits;

Correct your posture

postureErgonomic office chairs are designed to correct your posture that might have been altered by traditional chairs. Among the many features, the comfortable office chairs have headrests and backrests to support the neck and spine, thus improving your posture.

Reduce neck-related pains

A traditional chair offers mere support to the neck, and that’s why your neck may become stiff and painful. Ergonomic office chairs, on the other hand, have headrests that support head and neck to eliminate such pains.

Reduces back pain

back painA backrest of an ergonomic office chair supports the spine and prevents alteration of its natural structure. Additionally, the modern chairs have a reclining feature to allow the user to rest at different angles. Read more on office chairs for back pain here.

Reduce pressure on the hip region

Ergonomic office chairs have a soft deep seat to support the hips, as well as the buttocks. But, traditional chairs have a hard seating surface that strains your hip region.

Improves working abilities

Ergonomic office chairs have a wide range of features not found on the traditional chairs. The combination of the many features adds comfort, which translates to motivation while at work. When you are happily sitting in the office, definitely you will work more effectively.

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