What’s the Correct Method to Heat or Cool a Greenhouse?

heat greenhouseIn Orchid Plantation Community, we are serious gardeners who understand the significance of greenhouses. It is a space to keep the plants, especially the flowering ones, safe from harsh environmental conditions. A greenhouse is not restricted to environmental and climatic changes and therefore allowing growing of plants all year round. This is why we have been able to nurture and grow our orchids, and thus provide the best houseplants to various homeowners living in apartments and other residential settings.

Despite the fact that winters are extremely cold and many plants do not survive the ordeal, space heaters can be used to provide the desired warmth to keep the plants lively and energetic. Sometimes, you may think that the greenhouse is well insulated and must prevent heat from escaping to the surrounding. But odds are it cannot prevent 100% insulation properties. Therefore, a space heater becomes an essential asset to keep your plants under the best possible temperature condition.

space heatersSpace heaters are of different types including gas heaters and infrared heaters, specifically made for greenhouses. However, they are designed for different greenhouse situations and meant to offer constant heating when needed. The idea behind the use of space heaters to heat greenhouses came about due to the need for sustaining plants during winter. There is no guarantee that a greenhouse will keep the optimal warmth for your plants to thrive, even though it may also depend on the climate of the area you live.

Those people living in colder regions and they want to grow orchids or other houseplants in greenhouses, probably an additional source of heating are required. The number of heating sources will vary according to the size of the greenhouse. If your greenhouse is bigger and contains large number plants, you may need more than two space heaters to maintain the warmth and health of your plants appropriately. These space heaters should be located strategically such that every plant within the greenhouse receives adequate warmth.

Types of Space Heaters

space heaterss typesSpace heaters are of many types. Many gardeners nowadays use space heaters frequently to warm their greenhouses. The most popular and best types include conventional fuel-based space heaters, electric space heaters, portable space heaters, oil-filled radiant heaters, and infrared space heaters.

Conventional fuel-based space heaters

portable space heaterThe conventional fuel-based models use the traditional sources of energy such as wood, natural gas, and kerosene. They are designed to heat a bigger space and not recommended for smaller areas or enclosed space where humans live. These heaters emit carbon emissions that can be highly harmful to people’s health. Additionally, experts recommend them to be used in well-ventilated greenhouses.

Electric space heaters

Electric space heaters are clean to use since they don’t emit poisonous carbon fumes. They are also commonly used due to efficiency in heating and can be used in both big and small greenhouses. They come in two types; convective and radiant options. Convective are used to heat an enclosed space, and therefore suitable for non-ventilated greenhouses. Radiant, on the other hand, include infrared heaters that heat an object so that the object can emit heat to the surrounding.

PortableĀ Air Conditioners

space heaters typesAs the name suggest, these air conditioners can be carried from one place to another. They have wheels for easy moving from one greenhouse to another, in case you have only one. Interestingly, they are environmentally friendly because they use electricity. As long as you can cater for electricity bills, you rest assured of warming your greenhouse throughout the winter season. You can also use these portable AC units for heating or cooling.

Oil-Filled Radiant Heaters

These space heaters look like regular radiators, but they use oil and electricity as the main source of fuel. They usually consume less electricity power compared to conventional coil-type heaters. Interestingly, their price is relatively lower and therefore affordable to many people. Oil space heaters have wheels for portability purposes, making them a good choice if you have several greenhouses to heat.

Ceramic space heaters

These are portable and use electricity, allowing the users to move from one place to another. Many users say they are safer since they don’t get too hot to touch. They are cheap and energy efficient, though you cannot use to heat a bigger area. Ceramic heaters are considered safe because they don’t overheat, which may also decrease the chances of causing a fire while in use.

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