A Guide to Waste Management & Recycling

Waste management and recyclingAs the global human population continues to skyrocket, consumption and waste generation also increases. Waste management and recycling have been seen as a single system that deals with eliminating waste in an appropriate way. However, this perception should be changed because waste management and recycling is typically a ‘resource management system‘. Basically, waste is a resource since people are making income out of it. A waste recycling program is a money-making approach as local authorities and municipalities are levying taxes and fees to authorized waste management companies.

Households are part of the sources of wastes, especially food materials. Even though various homes have different ways to dispose their food wastes, it is imperative to have convenient and eco-friendly methods implemented. This guide will help homeowners to understand diverse ways on how to manage food wastes with sink disposals. You will also discover which technique works best for you, and which doesn’t.

Use Garbage Disposals

Use Garbage DisposalsThis method of waste management comes at the top of the list because it deserves. There are benefits associated with garbage disposals including environmental protection. Alright, a garbage disposal is usually installed under the sink. It is specifically used to get rid of soft food materials such as fruit peels, vegetables, and other food stuff that can be ground and flushed down the drain without causing clogs in the pipes. The garbage disposals nowadays are necessities to many homes, and several states encourage every homeowner to have at least one in order to reduce overloading landfills. Interestingly, the liquid waste flushed down the drain can be used to produce energy from the methane gas generated during decomposition.

Put Food Waste in a Compost Bin

If you don’t have a garbage disposal – it is highly recommended to have it – you can use a compost bin to put food waste into a compost bin. Things like potato peelings, tea bags, and coffee grounds can be put into the bin over a short period of time before emptying. Once the bin is full, empty the waste into a garden within your homestead. This is one of the greenest and environmentally friendly ways to do away with food waste instead of throwing into a landfill. It is an ideal recycling method with twin advantages; you will get rid of wastes and also create organic manure for your plants.

Create Compost Using a Worm Bin

Using a worm bin is one of the best ways to get rid of food waste materials if you don’t have a garbage disposal. It makes compost in a similar manner like the compost bin, but through feeding particular worms with the wastes. These worms consume those materials, but you don’t wait until they rot. So, it is a faster method for those individuals that do not want to wait until the waste decomposes. Additionally, you will not need to store wastes until it forms compost and then put into your garden. Worm bins can be constructed easily, and then identify a place to collect the worms such as red worms. However, it is advisable to keep the bin at around 60 degrees Fahrenheit in order to allow the quick decomposition to take place properly.

Use the Food Wastes to Feed Animals

dont trushThis might not be applicable to many homes, but it is a nice method to manage your waste properly. Sustainability is very important, and feeding animals with the waste encourage self-sufficiency. If you don’t have spacious property to keep goats or pigs, you need a garbage disposal. Pigs can feed on all food materials while goats can consume the vegetables. You will reduce the cost of buying animal feeds regularly. However, it is advisable to supplement the animals’ diet with the typical animal feed.

Use a Trash Bin

Lastly, a trash bin can be useful to apartment residents without garbage disposals. However, this method is somehow tiresome and inconvenient because you need to empty it regularly. If the bin is left to stay for several days, especially during summer seasons, the waste is likely to rot and attract unwanted ‘visitors’ to your house. Bugs and cockroaches are the last things every homeowner will want to see. Therefore, make an arrangement of buying a garbage disposal to avoid such situations.

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