Surround Yourself with Orchids for the Best Massage Therapy

orchid meaningOver twenty thousand species of orchids have been discovered to exist, according to various botanical studies. These are beautiful and lovely flowering plants that have been cultivated and cherished by many across the globe. They are exotic plants which were first discovered by a Greek botanist who found that their tubers have a similar resemblance to the male anatomical structure. For this reason and much more, different cultures have their own perception about orchids. Their differently colored petals have varied meanings where white symbolizes pureness and innocence while the pink petals stand for happiness and grace. The purple petals symbolize royalty and admiration, showing a high degree of respect. Yellow petal portrays a fresh start of friendship and orange shows boldness in one.

History and Uses of Orchid around the World

orchidsTo some people, it is so much helpful when it comes to herbal medicine considerations. It is believed that orchids have a medicinal value and able to cure various diseases. In some countries, orchids are a cultural symbol used to express or showcase a certain traditional trait. In other parts, they are used to make various products ranging from ointments, drinks, and massage therapy oils. Not a surprise, some communities had a strong belief in the orchid plant for fertility enhancement!

Orchid Plants Benefits and Massage Therapy Combined

Orchids can be grown everywhere including in homes and offices. Having potted orchids in your office ensures there is some fresh air throughout as plants purify the air by taking up carbon dioxide during the daytime. Availability of sufficient flow of clean air improves your working capabilities. Residing around plants avails plenty of oxygen that in turn boosts your mental abilities to think critically and creatively. That feeling of sitting in a cozy office setting is what boosts your moods since you feel proud of working from that environment.

orchid and massage

A number of modern offices are including massage chairs as essential assets. However, anyone can purchase a massage chair for an office. These high-tech chairs offer massage therapy almost similar to human touch, and therefore quite essential for office workers that sit for long hours. Neck-related headaches and backaches can be alleviated through a good massage. Combining the orchids flower scents and a relaxing massage, an overall body relaxation, and blood flow is improved.

Also, the massage therapy and orchid’s welcoming odors in your office can help reduce ailments related to fatigue and exhaustion. Plants increase humidity level and this mild moisture inside the office can offer a more relaxing experience. When you feel relaxed, stress and depression related headaches will also fade away. Stress is feared to trigger cardiovascular diseases in human. With your office massage chairs and the decors of orchids, you are on a safer ground of not being affected by those disorders.

Among the many uses, orchids can be processed to make a good ointment used in massage therapies. This means these plants’ scent also offers some medicinal effect. However, the traditional masseuses may have been using the orchid ointment when massaging people. Nowadays, the proficient masseuses are difficult to find. That is why massage chairs have been built and designed to match the typical professional massage therapist.

Massage Chairs & Full

Sitting for long hours in a meeting, finishing some accounting job, or finalizing an assignment needs so much focus and concentration. This may cause backaches and neck pains, despite the fact that you are using an ergonomic chair. However, nothing feels good like getting some fine massage when exhausted and tired. You just need to relax in the chair and let it do its work. Interestingly, it is designed to massage the entire body without moving or turning for sessions. Right from the neck to the feet, you get the best massage therapy in the comfort of your office.

massage chair

Massage office chairs are new and they are not very common in many offices. There are people who may want to own at least one, but they think the price is not fit their budgets. However, different types of chairs come at different prices. You can get one with a few hundreds of dollars, but the high-end models cost a few thousands of dollars. If you work for long hours sitting behind your computer, you are likely to suffer from backaches, neck pains, and headaches. Therefore, considering to buy a massage chair in your home office is an ideal decision.

Benefits of Foot Massagers in Office

According to the list that has been recently published, foot massage therapy has an array of benefits including the following;

  • Relaxing feet muscles
  • Getting rid of feet-related headaches
  • Alleviating stress and depression
  • Boosting moods
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Correcting spine structure and posture

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