Water Saving Tips in the Bathroom to Use for Your Greenhouse

orchid bathroom arrangementNowadays, people are buying homes with gardens surrounding them. Rear or front private ground is considered a necessity because kids and pets can enjoy their outdoor activities safely, and you can also keep a few animals such as goats and pigs within your homestead. Many gardeners have planted different types of flowering plants including the most sought-after orchids to add some beauty and décor in their home environment.

Due to the fluctuations of seasons, structures such as greenhouses can be used to boost growth and development of these houseplants. Although many refer orchids to ‘fickle’ plants, there is also a solid reason to take care of them when grown in an indoor space. If they lack water and minerals, bacteria and other infections may damage them. If you have realized your orchids in the greenhouse are not up to parity, probably you are not watering them appropriately.

watering orchidsAlright, did you know that when water is deposited into the soil it penetrates down gradually before reaching the root zone of a plant? Referring back to the basic agriculture knowledge, there are several layers of soil. Each layer must get an adequate capacity of water before the water seeps to the next layer. This descending process of water is known as the wetting front, and it differs from one soil type to another.

If you apply a little amount of water that does not seep until the root zone, your garden is likely to suffer from under-watering. Many homeowners may apply minimum water to their orchids to save water, but merely knowing that their plants are already at risk. Surprisingly, you may not be aware of how water is being wasted in your bathroom. Most of the household water is used in the toilets, and that ‘wasted’ water can be used in irrigating your garden more effectively if it is conserved.

Therefore, here are the three tips to save water in the bathroom and use it for watering your orchids in the greenhouse.

Install new high-efficiency toilets

high efficieny toiletsIf you have been monitoring water usage news and updates, toilets are the most water wasters in almost every home. Water indoor consumption is likely to be controlled appropriately if you install modern high-efficiency toilets. Since most homeowners consider style and form, there are those eco-friendly toilets designed to add a contemporary feel while in the bathroom. If you want to achieve more water usage saving, buy those ultra-high-efficiency toilets that can save more than 18,000 gallons of water annually. This water will be more than enough to water your orchids and other plants in your garden.

Repair or replace leaking faucets and toilets

If the faucets and toilets are leaking, you are losing a lot of water on daily basis. Technically, leakages may go for months unnoticed, leading to loss of hundreds of gallons of water. A leaking faucet can waste more than 15 gallons of water in a day. You can now figure out the amount of water that will be wasted in a year. Leakage in toilets can also go unnoticed, and more water goes to waste. You don’t need to start gambling here and there trying to determine whether your toilet is leaking or not. If you suspect any leakage possibilities, call a local plumber to fix the problem right away. You will save more water and irrigate your entire garden without limitations.

Upgrade your Faucets And Use Efficient Shower Heads

remodelling bathBathroom fixtures, especially the modern models, can help you reduce water wastage. These fixtures cost only a few bucks, but the outcome will be felt over time because you will notice even the monthly water bills are reducing. For instance, faucet aerators are installed to regulate water pressure in the bathrooms, and thus saving water. Those models that provide multiple and pressure compensating water flow rates can save a significant amount compared to the faucet aerators with a standard of 2.2 gallons per minute. The flow rate varies depending on the task you are doing in the bathroom and can save more than 10,000 gallons of water in a year.

Here you can find some of the best bathroom faucets on the market.

Use Steam Shower!

Another saving tip is that you can start investigating and reading reviews to buy a steam shower to save more water for your plants.

In conclusion, your habits in the bathroom will also contribute towards either saving or wasting water. If you take an hour in the bathroom, reduce that time to about 45 minutes. Again, ensure you turn off the water when brushing and turn on when rinsing. These simple mistakes can be overlooked, but they also contribute to water wastage.

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